2002 to 2016: Widenings, Underpass, The Loop

Location: Hayward, along Mission and Foothill Blvd. and downtown.

Background: HAPA opposed widening Mission and Foothill, which would have demolished all buildings on the east side of these arterials.  The project proved too expensive. HAPA supported widening Mission to six lanes plus bicycle lanes, adjusting the on-ramps to I580 and I 238, and building a connector from I580 westbound to Foothill southbound.  That did not work either.  HAPA then opposed widening Foothill Blvd. downtown to ten lanes and destroying all the businesses on the east side. The project proved too expensive, as did an underpass of Jackson and Foothill under Mission Blvd.

The city finally designed and built the current loop system over HAPA’s objections.  The loop is presented as reducing congestion, but congestion has actually increased.  The speed up in the one way direction has been less than the slowdown in the reverse directions.  This issue and other downtown issues are discussed in “Ideas for Downtown Hayward.”


More Info:
• HAPA: The HAPA Plan for Foothill and Mission, Hayward California 1 The HAPA Plan
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  • Caltrans policy on Context Sensitive Solutions
  • Caltrans policy on Accommodating Non-Motorized Travel

• HAPA: View photographs of properties to be condemned.
• HAPA: Foothill Mission Planning Issues Overview 5 Foothill Mission Planning Issues-1
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SB 509: Keeping the money in Hayward; helping the Caltrans tenants: [Letters]
• Problems with cars. PDF Link
• HAPA: Spreadsheets with information on all properties, lots, and buildings, development potential, city policy, loss of housing potential, and loss of businesses 2008-05-18-caltrans-properties-18-tabs and Caltrans 238 Study caltrans-238-study
• HAPA: Transportation and Bus Rapid Transit PDF 8 Transportation issues
• City of Hayward: Map of streets and cross-sections. PDF 9 City Map of alt and ROW
• City of Hayward: website on Route 238 project. Hayward Bypass Route 238

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