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The HAPA News is our way of reaching out to educate, share information, advocate for sustainability, and other communication in a timely and cost-effective manner. Please click on the links to read full issues in PDF format.


HAPA News, October 23, 2017

HAPA October 23, 2017

This issue contains:

City Moves Forward on Caltrans Surplus Parcels Including Quarry – City of Hayward has hired Pat O’Keeffe to manage development of 10 parcel groups of Caltrans land the City controls.

LATIP (Local Alternative Transportation Improvement Program) – $13.1 million unallocated; will Hayward use the money to fix the Loop?

Unanswered Questions on Loop Reform

EBRPD Report on Walpert Ridge Fund – good news!

HAPA News August 28, 2017

HAPA News August 28, 2017

Here are HAPA’s thoughtfully considered comments: “Downtown Hayward Plan: Vision or Fiasco?”

Summary: The Vision is a well-illustrated, well-organized report with many good ideas . . . and some glaring problems.

Problem 1: The vision calls for parking structures, which are absolutely the wrong way to go.

Problem 2: The proposed fancy super-peanut traffic circle seems far too expensive and impractical when we have affordable, cost-effective solutions to reforming the Loop.

Problem 3: The Vision is devoid of any specific information on how to improve pedestrian and transit access to downtown, and how much it can be improved.

For details, we suggest reading this report side-by-side with the consultant’s vision plan, available at:


Slide numbers in the report refer to slides in the Vision Plan.

HAPA News, April 20, 2017

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  • Invitation to visit the HAPA Board
  • Stonebrae Country Club 2016 Report
  • Update on Lincoln Landing
  • Update to Report to the Academic Senate on HAPA v CSU
  • Increasing Sustainable and Affordable Housing Development by Reforming California Tax Credit Allocation Po9licy to Minimize Parking Subsidies and Maximize Housing

HAPA News, March 6, 2017

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  • Announcements: City’s Downtown Hayward Specific Plan Design Charrette
  • Facing Up to Homelessness: Highlights
    • Link to “Facing Up to Homelessness,” a joint study by The Task Force to End Hunger and Homelessness in Hayward, and The Department of Public Affairs and Administration, CSU East Bay: HHCReportFinal